I have a soft spot for the traditional King James, but I also love to compare different translations, and the NLT and NIV are special to me. Thanks again Tiffany for all your effort in bringing this information to us. http://www.htm.com/sacrednamebible.com/index.htm, http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/thebible.htm, https://lavendervines.com/disclosure-policy/, How to Understand Your Identity in Christ. Left is my “I’m so effo, Struggling to caption this with something inspirat, I’ve seen you move the mountains, and I believe, I want to remind you that God’s love casts out f, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. Cut to the chase – Jesus thinks you’re pretty cool – but my ebook explains just how cool you really are. This way the bias of the translators (nobody is left unscathed) becomes much more clearly evident. LA Bible a été écrite à l’origine en hébreu, en araméen et en grec anciens. La traduction de l'Ancien Testament a été publiée par étape et s'est échelonnée sur une dizaine d'années, le recueil complet est paru en 1873 (avec la date de 1874) aux Éditions Cherbuliez. Xx. Are you looking for a Bible but the overwhelm of all the choices is leaving you confused? The New Living Translation is the translation I gravitate towards the most for my daily reading, and I thoroughly enjoy this version. And in John 14:14 “If you should ever be requesting anything of Me in My Name, this I will be doing.” I want to be asking our True Saviour in His True Name. Yes there is. All the Bible websites that I will be listing are all free to read online. La réponse ne vient pas de moi, je l’ai entendue et je la retranscris, je trouve qu’elle est très pertinente. Only 10 years ago I began to understand its depths. One more question I have The Hebrew names not writing as it is. I have been using it for years. The ISBN number for it to facilitate searches is 0310436761. Dès le début de l’ère chrétienne, il devint nécessaire de traduire l’Ancien Testament pour ceux qui ne parlaient pas hébreu. Want to save this post? While BibleHub is excellent and I use it frequently, this article is geared towards people who are looking for a personalized Bible they can purchase and use for their own quiet time with the Lord, which is why I don’t mention free online resources. If you are interested in the English Standard Version then click here for details and price. I like to read a passage, chapter, or book in the KJV and then read it in the NLT to compare. Les personnes qui consultent votre Événement pourront cliquer sur la référence pour la consulter dans leur lecteur de la Bible, d'où ils pourront l'enregistrer en favori, la surligner et plus encore. They are good for verifying what their English interpretation is for the Hebrew and Greek, but what is scripturaly written for the English King James to the right is not translated correctly. I found one Bible which is not included here Zondervan publishes a parallel bible that has the three translations you mentioned plus the NIV. For comparison in Bible study and when I require a more strongly worded passage, I use the ESV (I’m a writer). Your efforts are appreciated. Une édition grand format avec mise en page élégante, introductions concises, glossaire. And owning up to the Godly traits in us, we choose to try to thoroughly carry out Their will to “Be Doers of the WORD, and not hearers only.” James 1:22. La Sainte Bible fut rédigée entre le 15ème siècle av. Il s’agit d’un véritable logiciel biblique « en ligne » proposant de nombreuses fonctionnalités. The English Standard Version (ESV) is honestly not much different than the NASB. Sélectionnez n'importe quel verset ou passage Biblique, dans n'importe laquelle des plus de 1200 versions de la Bible en plus de 900 langues. I also love taking certain verses and comparing to the original Greek with an Interlinear Bible. I read Quran in English their God name Allah kept as it is. Les versions dans les autres langues modernes sont traduites à partir de l'anglais. The Amplified Bible (AMP) is a literal translation of the Bible and was published in 1965. Love and Blessings! New Living Translation Version Bible Free Download - NLT Offline Version New Living Translation Bible - NLT Bible, Free Holy Bible App, the best New Living Translation Bible - NLT Bible studying tool, is the standard bible translation highly popular among Christians. Sharing the love of Jesus is one of my favorite things ever, hence why I started this blog! La grande majorité des lecteurs de la Bible ne comprennent pas les langues originales, ce qui les oblige à utiliser une traduction. Traduction française sous la direction du Grand-Rabbin Zadoc Kahn. La Segond 21 est une traduction de la Bible éditée pour la première fois en 2007, fruit de 12 ans de travail sur les textes hébreu, araméen et grec. Il offre en parallèle une traduction en français, ce qui facilite l'étude de la Bible. Depuis, le texte anglais a été révisé plusieurs fois. With that said, the ones I read most are the King James Version and the New Living Translation. Failing to discuss the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), which is the most cited by scholars, is a completely unacceptable omission and gives the impression you have an agenda. The translation is true to the original Greek meaning. They make for very interesting study and sermon prep. At https://www.scripture4all.org it is an Interlinear Hebrew O.T.and Greek N.T.into the King James English version. for more info! God bless. The Holy Spirit led me to the most amazing place. I’ve used most of these translations and have worked in several Christian Bookstores, assisting people in selecting Bibles for themselves and others. Fritz . and the O.T. Yes, I do receive a commission from (at least most) of the products I suggest. I wanted to know, so that when Here are mine: 1. d'après les textes originaux par l'abbé Crampon,... -- 1904 -- livre Have a wonderful day, God bless! Aujourd’hui, on peut la lire, en totalité ou en partie, en près de 3 000 langues. I am so happy you found me and thank you so much for your sweet message! These are movements of consciousness. God bless! He was the one that, among other things, inserted the part in the bible “ye shall not suffer a witch to live”. I am so glad you enjoyed it. i Think that when others thank us for something we did, that we should tell them to be thankful to our Creator, for we are created in Their image. De multiples portes d'entrée permettent au connaisseur ou au néophyte, croyant ou non, d'organiser son propre parcours, au gré de ses questionnements et de ses centres d'intérêt. And many Jews do not want to hear it in person. La première version est publiée en anglais en 1950. It holds the reputation for being the “most accurate” Bible translation in English. Principes de traduction de la Bible La Bible a été rédigée à l’origine en hébreu, en araméen et en grec. They claim that later versions were rewritten to suit the biases of the publishers, or are incomplete in some way. When they have translated Bible in Indian Languages there also God name put like Parmeshwar or Ishwar is Hindu God name Lord Shiva instead of writing YAHWEH ( Yahowa) It’s best to think of the different translations of the Bible along a spectrum from literal translation that’s word-for-word, (formal equivalence) to concept translation that’s more thought-for-thought (dynamic equivalence). GOD'S WORD Translation GW GOD'S WORD Translation (GW) accurately translates the meaning of the original texts into clear, everyday language. This is why you hear the NLT version quoted or read frequently during church sermons. Copyright © 2020 Lavender Vines | All Rights Reserved, The beauty about the peace of God is even if you a, Put all your eggs in the same basket. They use YAHWEH, Yahshua and Elohim. Have a blessed day! The king james version was translated for political reasons and to affirm the authority of James. Le sens d’un mot ou d’une expression peut varier en fonction du contexte. Ce fabuleux siteest réalisé par la très sérieuse Tyndale House(Cambridge). Praise God for that! The translators of the NLT aimed to translate the message of the Bible into clear, natural English. La Bible ne peut être comparée à aucun autre livre : elle est la Parole de Dieu. Save the chart by clicking the below button! Have a great day! https://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=Classic+Comparative+Side-by-Side+Bible+%28NIV%2C+KJV%2C+NASB%2C+Amplified%29&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCG&nav_search=1&cms=1. http://www.biblehub.com, Hi Catherine! After reading this post I am confident you will be able to choose an excellent Bible translation that is perfect so you can start reading and understanding God’s Word. For general use, reading, church, and Bible study I like the NIV. I love your translation choices! The Christian Standard Bible (CSB) was translated by 100 scholars from 17 denominations and was released in March 2017. Les versions originales de la Bible hébreu & grec, outils de recherche par mot, par verset, par code Strong, dictionnaires When I came across the scripture Proverbs 30:4.”……What is His Name, and What is His Son’s.Name?”. It is largely a revision of the 2009 edition of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Many of whick link to Amazon. Hi Tiffany, just wondered if you received a commission from the bibles that are bought through the links on your page? After reading your article I am seriously thinking about purchasing an Interlinear Bible as well as the Aramaic original scripts for my comparisons. La version J.N. La Bible : Traduction du Monde Nouveau (TMN) est une traduction de la Bible en langue moderne éditée et utilisée par les témoins de Jéhovah. The original edition of the notes and paragraph titles is the Scofield Reference Bible (1967, Oxford University Press). At http://www.herealittletherealittle.net is what I think is a great article called SABBATH VERSUS SUNDAY: WHICH SHOULD WE KEEP? "Louis Segond, né le 3 octobre 1810 à Plainpalais (Genève) de parents francais et mort le 18 juin 1885 à Genève, est un théologien suisse qui, à la demande de la Compagnie des Pasteurs de Genève, a traduit la Bible en français à partir des textes originaux hébreux et grecs. If you are interested in the New English Translation then click here to be directed to the website to download. If you are interested in the Amplified Bible then click here for details and price. He also wrote a scripture by scripture commentary on Revelation at https://www.discoverrevelation.com. Dite "Bible du Rabbinat", selon le texte original de 1899. You can sometimes find used copies on Amazon. Want to save this post? ", partenaires : petites annonces maison valbonne sophia antipolis, petites annonces maison valbonne sophia antipolis. It’s sooooo revealing when it comes to the meaning behind God’s powerful and mighty Word!! Bible Translation Guide: Which Bible Translation Should I Use? Hi John, thank you so much for your comment! The Amplified Bible was designed to “amplify” the text by using explanatory alternate readings to assist the reader in understanding what the Scripture really says. The Latin Vulgate was the common Bible of all Christians from the 4th century onwards and was the only Gutenberg Bible printed in the 1450’s. Thank you. Une traduction mot à mot risquerait donc de manquer de clarté, voire d’exactitude. It was largely a revision of the American Standard Version (ASV) of 1901. Want to reference this for later? Unfortunately I am not aware of one, but something I like to do for a quick translation comparison is go to Biblehub.com and type in the verse in question. The meaning of the “Hebrew ” is “}to convey”. En 1744, le pasteur suisse Jean-Frédéric Ostervald publia une révision de la Bible de Genève, elle-même basée sur la Bible d’Olivétan. This article was a fabulous read! You can look up the introduction to that translation, and while they liked to use LONG sentences back in the day, words like “thee”, “thou”, and “ye” weren’t used in everyday conversation at that time. I have learned quite a bit doing this. Hey friend! is at restorationstudybible.com/index they use Yahweh,Yahshua and Elohim. Some say that we are disobedient to the Third Commandment: Exodus 20:7 by using the pagan names:God, Jesus, Lord, etc. - La volonté de disposer d'une version de la Bible " à correspondance formelle " qui donne une information précise sur la structure de la langue dans l'original. c’est un choix. •Les traductions de la Bible par André Paul, in Encyclopædia Universalis • Alliance biblique française: La Bible en français, du XVI e au milieu du XX e siècle • Histoire de la Bible en France par Daniel Lortsch (1910) • La Bible d'Olivétan, ou de Serrières, par Édouard Reuss (1866) • La Bible d'Olivétan par Jean-François Gilmont, in Revue théologique de Louvain (1985) If you are interested in New Living Translation then click here for details and price. Part of the confusion when it comes to reading the Bible is that the Bible wasn’t originally written in English. God bless you. Each book has all the scriptures on one page, so you just keep scrolling down to the chapter that you want. I have found, much to my dismay, that no translation is perfect. Synopsis: You should read, C'est en 1880 que le Nouveau Testament complet voit le jour, également aux Éditions Cherbuliez, Louis Segond ne voulait pas que de son vivant on touche à sa traduction, mais il avait fait savoir qu'après son décès, les éditeurs pourraient faire ce qu'ils voudraient. That does sound super helpful tho, thank you for sharing! My current favorite Bible is an Interlinear concordant found at https://www.concordant.org and it has both the N.T. I have a hard time reading it and felt guilty that I prefer a newer translation. Jesus there is no Jesus in Hebrew or Aramic However, if you are wanting to do a more detailed study of the Bible, a more literal translation might suite you better. Sa Bible est traduite à partir des langues d'origine : l'hébreu pour l'Ancien Testament (si le texte original n'est pas en hébreu, il traduit à partir du grec) et le grec pour le Nouveau Testament [7]. He 100% follow the will of Father YAHWEH. Another resource you might be interested in is the below video to learn more about the King James Version verses other modern translations of the Bible. I’m Tiffany, a travel lover, small business owner, and expert-level cat cuddler. If you are interested in New International Version then click here for details and price. It’s kinda amazing. Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain what is involved and what is at stake in Bible translation. par des binômes d’exégètes et d’écrivains. Thank you for your hard work and research! We follow and obey them and then forward Their Love, Mercy and Grace to others. I’m 64 and I know I want to know the truth! A scripture by scripture commentary that I use to compare my thoughts to the author Ken Cayce”s explanations is found at http://www.bible-studys.org/Books of the Bible.html. Mises à part les traductions réalisées de manière isolée par un individu ou un mouvement « sectaire », aucune des traductions courantes modernes n’est une « mauvaise traduction ». Many people appreciate that the NASB distinguishes verses that are not clearly scripture and place them in footnotes rather than the main text. It was first published in 1978 and aimed to translate the Bible in broadly understood modern English. You’ll find that as the accuracy of the translation increases (word-for-word), the readability decreases. The translators refer to the NKJV as a “complete equivalence” translation instead of a formal equivalence (literal, word-for-word translation) or dynamic equivalence (thought-for-thought) translations that we already discussed. There are Bibles that land right in the middle that are a nice sweet spot between accuracy and readability which includes the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and the New International Version (NIV). I am familiar with this app and I know it’s very popular, thank you for sharing! Quelques rares passages (Matthieu 17.21, 18.11 ; Marc 16.9-20 ; Jean 5.3b-4, 7.53-8.11) ont été retirés de certaines versions de la Bible ou apparaissent entre crochet car il y a de bonnes raisons de croire qu’ils ne faisaient pas partie du texte original. I currently have my NLT I use most often for reading. Each word is a kind of divine dictionary and each letter has infinite depths, from the form of the letter to the letters name. As a reader I would appreciate it you had made this clear on your page. The Torah is not a collection of children’s stories and it has depths. Here is how to get to their home page: http://www.fbimaz.com . What interlinear Bibles do is create a way for any student of scripture to examine the Greek or Hebrew words directly in comparison to the English translations. Hebrew conveys in every word a variety of potentials. It took me a long time to find the following Bibles that I use now, so i hope that you check them out. Click to Download the Top 10 Bible Translations PDF. My amplified bible gets used a good amount helping me better understand synonyms and similar words to those written. La traduction de l'Ancien Testament a été publiée par étape et s'est échelonnée sur une dizaine d'années, le recueil complet est paru en 1873 (avec la date de 1874) aux Éditions Cherbuliez. Idée force : jouer sur la pluralité des genres et des écritures dans le français d’aujourd’hui. I am so with you. Their goal was to be both faithful to the ancient texts but also easily understandable to the modern reader. They use Yahwey in the O.T., but still use Jesus in the N.T. They use YHVH,YAHSHUA and Elohiym. It never ceases to amaze me how many “Christians” have no understanding of the history of the bible and Christianity. I think that their scriptures are the closest to following the Hebrew and Greek translations. Par elle, Dieu s’adresse à chacun de nous, et veut nous révéler son amour. At http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/thebible.htm It has the Authorized King James Version of 1611, pure Cambridge Edition. The best for common people is NLT is best. Aujourd’hui, la Bible est le livre le plus traduit au monde : des parties de celle-ci sont disponibles en plus de 2 400 langues. I I’m reading in king James and yet as I follow foot notes or check the concordance I and not sure if I agree with the teaching of rapture often taught by many christians. Your email address will not be published. 3rd is http://www.coyhwh.com/de/bible/hebraicRootsBible:pdf.. I have just about every bible there is, and I must admit I’m a little obsessive about the “jots and tittles” and ensuring that what I’m reading is accurate to the original texts. Your links were succinct and very helpful. The New International Version (NIV) is considered a dynamic, thought-for-thought translation that took ten years to complete and involved a team of over 100 scholars. You can also see my Disclosure Policy here: https://lavendervines.com/disclosure-policy/. La Bible nouvelle traduction. Bayard, Montrouge, 2001. It then proceeds to compare those versions on nine points of translation, ranging from individual terms, to difficult passages, to whole categories of grammar. La S21 est une traduction sérieuse mais qui dans notre tableau se positionne à la 31ème place. Awesome post. Hi Gail! On a appris que l’original de la bible a été écrit en hébreux et en grec, et les différentes versions que nous trouvons sur le marché sont des traductions. Sandra :Aujourd’hui, je te propose de parler de traduction et de versions. If that’s best done with a word-for-word translation, then go for that. I hope you will forward to the translators or Bible Society to do the corrections of Hebrew or Greek name as it is. If you are interested in the English Standard Version then click here for details and price. Thank you very much for such enlightening information.May the LORD richly bless you. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) was first published in 1963, with the most recent edition published in 1995. I use these when I get into a particularly “boring” book and want to just bow my neck and push my way right on through while maintaining the general context the author seems to be making (or at least seems to). Part of the confusion when it comes to reading the Bible is that the Bible wasn’t originally written in English. Even if you do not know the Greek or Hebrew language, you can still get quite a bit out of the experience. Throughout this post I provide a Bible translation comparison of the top 10 most accurate Bible translations so you can compare them all and make the best choice for you. You are right, the Holy Spirit is crucial to understanding the Bible. The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is an extremely popular literal interpretation Bible translation, and was the only Bible people read for many years. Ten years ago, my wife began to receive direct information about Hebrew, a knowledge that was hidden up until now and is amazing! 1226-1250, traduction de Jean Le Bon de l'Université de Paris.Inachevée et poursuivie au XIV e siècle par Jean de Sy et les dominicains Jehan Nicolas, Guillaume Vivien, et Jehan de Chambly. which I am displeased by and have emailed them about it. La version "Segond 21" est une nouvelle traduction de la Bible, éditée pour la première fois en 2007 par la Société Biblique de Genève.Elle s'inspire de la version "Louis Segond", une des plus répandues dans le monde francophone, parue à la fin du 19e siècle. The first edition was published in 1975. Trad. ( The Book of YAHWEH Jesus’ name in translation to Hebrew is “salvation”, “yeshua” “ישוע” that is his Hebrew meaning and in English or Latin you only get a hollow name. Most Hebrew speakers do not enter its depths. Proposer une formulation française fidèle à l'original, dans le langage actuel, d'où la formule «L'original, avec les mots d'aujourd'hui». Hi Tiffany Nicole, Your article was far more than I had ever hoped to find on the net, especially in these days of advertising (click here and we’ll take you on a goose chase of any and everything other than what you want/need) . Click here for details and price of Interlinear Bibles, The King James Only Controversy by James White, click here to be directed to the website to download, https://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=Classic+Comparative+Side-by-Side+Bible+%28NIV%2C+KJV%2C+NASB%2C+Amplified%29&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCG&nav_search=1&cms=1. For this type of theological understanding I would highly recommend just going straight for an Interlinear Bible and read word-for-word what the original Greek says and go from there. Did you know that the “archaic language” of the KJV was actually never used in the day of King James? Only in Believing and Obeying Our Almighty Saviour and Almighty Father, are we a small representation of Them! You have to keep his name as it is. Il est possi… Gar, Yes there is: Classic Comparative Side-by-Side Bible (NIV, KJV, NASB, Amplified) You can find it at CBD. The site also offers sermons, topic searches and strongs concordence. It begins with brief treatments of the background to the Bible and its translation, the various approaches to translation, and the specific origins of nine translation versions in wide use in the English-speaking world today. Prev: Bible Translation Guide: Which Bible Translation Should I Use? I dont want to be mislead nor do I want others mislead. Instead, the original translations of the Bible were written in mostly Hebrew and Aramaic for the Old Testament, and Koine Greek for the New Testament.So why is this confusing?Well, the English versions of the Bible that we are reading are mere translations of the original text.It’s best to think of the different translations of the Bible … I’m the same way, what I use usually depends on what I’m doing. Excellent article. There is a website http://www.biblehub.com that is authorized by many bible scholars, Theological Seminaries and Universities (real accredited ones) for authenticity and reliablity. La Bible de Crampon fut la première traduction moderne catholique établie à partir des langues originales (hébreu et grec), avec une consultation comparative de la Vulgate latine. Des traductions en latin virent également le jour pour ceux qui n… This was an interesting list. I grew up on the KJV, so that translation comes naturally to me, but I have lately discovered the NLT and have absolutely fallen in love with it. AND it is FREE. It has really made me appreciate the dynamic equivalence approach to translation. This translation is most notable for its near 61,000 lengthy footnotes and its open copyright permitting free downloads and use for ministry purposes.