They were asking the better part of ten dollars for headphones. The Comfort+ seats were worth the upgrade, pretty comfortable and reasonable legroom unless you have a big carry on stowed under the seat in front of you." An average nonstop flight takes 2h 00m, covering a distance of 687 miles. then there isn't enough space for people to line up for the various groups, creating friction. Air Mauritius flight #1104 is today's earliest flight from Paris, France to Rome (9:25 CET, Airbus A318) Ryanair flight #9636 is today's latest flight from Paris, France to Rome (20:55 CET, Boeing 737-800 (winglets) pax) Show more. The full flight schedule below gives an overview of all non-stop flights from CDG to FCO, which includes the daily timetable of every operating airline for the upcoming 12 months. ", Cons: "My connecting flight to Rome wasn't listed on any monitors, and four people couldn't find Terminal A on the map. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. ", Pros: "It was a short flight, so we didn't have a meal or anything like that. Products that have scents that irritate airways. We booked through Flybe, with our reference no and a flight no that was different from Air France. I heard several people start complaining about their heat. Cons: "The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. When I arrived later than planned but still within good time, which was my fault, I reported to the Czech Airlines check-in (D2). Other than that, the flight was fine. It would have been nice if some would ask me before falling asleep if I wanted to be roused for snacks and desserts. The chicken was as dry as it can be. High season is considered to be November, December and January. This time a flight in Palermo had technical difficulties, so we would take on their passengers. ", Pros: "The extra leg room in the exit row. ", Pros: "Smiling, quick, courteous" Cons: "Food, comfort on plane and entertainment system broke. Very bad service! ", Pros: "Great people" Discover our daels and book your flights tickets now, travel to Rome with eDreams US! ", Cons: "I ordered a kosher meal and did not get it. Cons: "My baggage was not on the carrousel that was listed on the display, it took a long time to get my bag and it caused me to be late to check into my lodging. Captain says we can’t wait. We were not advised why it was late or anything. All of this was after a terrible experience and delay just trying to connect flights within the German airport and the security delays that probably would have made us lose our flight if it wasn't delayed. ", Pros: "The crew was great, the food wasn't bad and the seat was comfortable and I am very tall", Pros: "The crew. I made it to the gate with 3 minutes to spare, so no time for the bathroom, no time to get lunch or even a bottle of water, no time period. Right now, 2 airlines operate out of Ciampino Airport. Cons: "Delayed", Pros: "Much shorter flight time." In my second flight they made me check a bag which was considered a carry on during my first flight", Pros: "Speed, crew, and reliablity." In general Iberia and level are short staffed and unorganized. Cons: "All positive. Ciampino Airport offers nonstop flights to 29 cities. He must feel great being a 25 year old who can turn people away from international flights at his own discretion to completely ruin their day especially when the plane is still on the ground. Check Lufthansa booking, International Flight number, Flight status, Schedules online from Paris to Rome.Also book Rome to Paris Lufthansa flights tickets online. Seatbelt sign also sounds alarm constantly. I was sitting near a larger passenger and it was very tight. People just flooded the gate like animals..", Cons: "Short flight so no entertainment provided or needed. Yes! Great experience overall! No tvs, way less leg room, we were able to have a window seat which was great for my sister since before we didn't have the window seat option. So I did not bother to bring any assuming they were going to keep their word; I figure I'd make it work and watch a movie without sound. I prefer a window seat so instead I had to sit in the middle because I did not know about the change. I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The breakfast on offer was terrible. Reached the gate to note that there was a delay of 5 minutes.... Grrrr", Pros: "The crew was friendly." ", Cons: "Having to go through passport control and security a second time took too much time for the connection between flights. It was worse than the reviews. ", Pros: "Comfortable seat, great crew." Almost no room for sleeping if you're not a frequent economy traveler. We could not book in on-line with this no, and could not do it automatically at the airport either. ", Cons: "This is my second time flying with this airline and it’s 40 mins late leaving again! Visitors booked on flights from Rome to Paris will arrive at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) or Paris-Orly Airport. And to top it all no announcement of any delays. clean aircraft great food but the stars are the staff. Take off & landing were very smooth. One flight attendant rolled her eyes when asked for something, another snacked her lips. Finding the best flights from Paris to Rome is not always easy – especially when you are on a budget. ", Pros: "Not much" Also, Iberia was not able to sit groups together. Nothing is too much trouble", Pros: "Flight was on time and quick and comfortable", Cons: "Old airplane with not really comfy seats. Now half of us missed our connections!! Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights from Paris to Rome. Cons: "Food and no entertainment, crew was not consequent with safety rules. Seats are very small. This should have been checked beforehand that it was working correctly. Sad. I had to pay 97 euros for this change. Perfumes. ", Cons: "I was forced to rebook my 3rd leg after taking trains in the middle. Paris to Rome (Fiumicino) Flight Schedule Scan through all non-stop flights from Paris to Rome (Fiumicino). I'm pretty disgusting and disappointed by the whole experience. It was the worst. ", Pros: "The food wasn't bad." Cons: "There was no power outlet to recharge the phone and no entertainment. I went to a kiosk and it didn't recognize my flight, so I finally got ahold of someone. Cons: "The flight was very late to take off. I will make an effort to not to with IBERIA ever again. It did take the edge off flying into this particular terminal in Heathrow. ", Pros: "Good Entertainment, ." I flow 3 weeks ago with KLM and the food was pretty good for flight food. I’m concierge key with AA and only with with Iberia because of the One World partnership. The first time: a shared hotel bar. Cons: "We had a long wait (25 minutes) at the gate because we were early. I like", Pros: "Served sandwiches even though 1.5 hour flight." Checking bags is expensive. ", Pros: "Nothing whatsoever" A lost bagage created the twins to be locked. ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "The flight crew only cared about their first class passengers. I wasn't offered any food or drink, but once we were flying, there were no additional delays. Cons: "When I bought the ticket, checked bags were included in the price. Cons: "Below avera ge breakfast with no hot items besides cofee/ tea Poorly organized boarding. The average price for connecting flights from Rome, Italy to Paris, France is €129.. To move between terminals, use the automated train CDGVAL. Confirm policies on booking site. We have taken this flight several times and have never had any major issues. ", Pros: "I had a row to myself and it was a pleasant and uneventful flight." Cons: "Paris airport is extremely passenger unfriendly. ", Pros: "We were delayed but better that than bump around in a thunderstorm. The crew was the only nice part. In the past 3 days, the cheapest one-way tickets were found on easyJet ($36) and Multiple Airlines ($37), and the lowest round-trip tickets have been found on easyJet ($75) and Vueling ($81). Fortunately, I had the print out and insisted to Ck it. They would not serve vodka from the cart and you needed to go to the back of the aircraft for it. ", Cons: "Both times into Rome we had to wait on the tarmac for stairs. In the end, we had to go all the way back, past our original gate to a Customs area where they just stamped our passports and onward to our gates. No explanation from pilot as to continuing reason for delay even after we boarded. Thank God that I was able to confront a random trolley man who Kew where the Czech Airlines people were and try tried very hard to get me to the plane even though the boarding time was over. Fortunately I found some fellow Americans who also couldn't find Terminal A , lower numbered gates, from our current Z gate. All in all, this was the worst travel experience of my life. ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "Smooth flight. Cons: "Long walk to our gate. I asked serval Air France employees for Croatia Air. They give us zero information on what’s going on as we stand in line forever. Rome is 13 mi from Fiumicino Airport (Rome, Italy). For a couple months nothing changed, except the way the crew dressed. ", Pros: "Comfort, food and service are better than average." Luckily I woke up and realized the second change in time to still make it there. Cons: "My experience on the second flight was completely different from the first. Clicking on the price will take you to a calendar view to choose specific dates as per your itinerary. Good entertainment options." I am 6'2" and had to sit sideways due to my knees jammed into the seat infront of me", Cons: "Late boarding. Then the jerks announced a new delay. This was great because it was strangely hot in Paris and we were sweating profusely. Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. Cons: "My suitcase wasn’t in the plane. ", Cons: "more space and be able to recline", Pros: "Boarding was seemless and nice" The Flights Attendents we unfriendly and inpatient." Flights from Paris to Rome. I have not even explained yet about the similarly awful experience I had when I booked the next flight (Czech Airlines at 09:45) for a much higher price (118 euro) and was not told that this Czech Airlines flight is "really" a Czech Airline flight. For the cost, the size and quality was poor. Departure time, 1.00 pm, boarded at 1.10, actual departure time 1.45, causing me to almost miss my connection and definitely causing my bags to miss the connection. We circled the London eye 3 times. Airlines flying from Paris to Rome have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Information services sent me to the right location, but it was marked Air France. Rating is for the Paris Airport, not the flight crew or Air France employees. Prices shown on this page are estimated lowest prices only. Then when we were ready to board again, another delay of 20mim, then 25 min more. I have now wasted 40 more minutes of my approximately 2.5 days in Prague to tell you this. ", Cons: "The delay and the lack of movies. Every week, at least 1,466 domestic flights and 1,012 international flights depart from Fiumicino Airport. Cons: "Flight delayed, no USB port and no entertainment", Pros: "Crew was nice and pleasant" Cons: "Iberia Airlines The flight attendants on the Iberia section of the flight from Madrid to Chicago could have cared less. Cons: "The "snack" was a very unappealing tuna sandwich which was basically an empty bun, but no one is on that flight for the food anyway. I was told when I booked the seat that the headphones would be complementary. Crew is very friendly. ", Pros: "Nothing at all" But they forgot my request for the second one. Cons: "With the main meal, AF serves only "ordinary wine", This looks and tastes cheap. It was a shambles. Very rude and racist. Then it was an older model plane and the engine noise, even though we were up front, was extremely loud! He told us first of all to go to Flybe desk, but we couldn't find it and had to come back.What went wrong here? Non-European citizens must present passport. Cons: "Keep up the good work", Pros: "And i got it 2 days later. I would have preferred eggs. Cons: "Very small plane, so much turbulence during flight. When I arrived there, of course, they tell me to go back to Czech Airlines and now I was again late. We had to carry our luggage down 2 flights of stairs to get on a bus, which then transported us a very long ways away on the tarmac. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting...", Pros: "The crew from Kili to DarEsSalam was tired. Smooth flight. When I got to the counter, they said no and I paid $80, which was more than the flight for two cost. Would be nice to have at least a complimentary bottle of water. Send me great deals to cool places from: What Tripadvisor travelers are saying about top airlines flying your route, My route was Montevideo-Buenos Aires-Madrid-Rome It´s a long flight, the worse part is the stop in Madrid around 5am local time to then take a conexion to a two and half hour flight. We eventually figured it out after a while. Featured trips ... London Paris New York Rome Singapore Venice Milan Barcelona Madrid Amsterdam Kuala Lumpur Lisbon Seoul Bangkok Manhattan Westminster Berlin Istanbul Boston Sydney. The aircraft could be improved with charging outlets for smartphones/computers, and Internet. Poor reliability and flying at night with my young son. Great first experience with Air Malta. ", Pros: "should let first board passenger in rear rows and not everybody together. With COVID-19 situation, few airlines are offering waiving change fees for new flight bookings. ", Pros: "The service and food were excellent plane was clean." Also 3 young men sat behind us that seemed to have ADD", Pros: "The flight was on time and the crew was friendly! That requirement should be clearly stated." KLM #605 from Amsterdam to SFO---please pass the praise to all of them. ", Pros: "It was only an hour and a half from Rome" Cons: "Food was not included. As we were driving back to the terminal, the pilot stopped short for some reason. Crew fantastic. Have to say though, that the plane was full of football fans travelling to Malta for some game. Cons: "Boarding confusing and flight experience poor. Staff is very warm, food above average and my flights have always been on time. Cons: "My sandwich, it contained too much pepper, I mean too muuuuuch My narrow seat No entertainment", Pros: "The time of the flight was great as well as the arrival time and subsequent connections to Paris. However, traveler must still complete a self-declaration form during this time to enter Italy.All foreign travelers must complete a self-declaration form and present it to the authorities upon arrival.Travelers arriving from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Czechia, Spain, the UK and Northern Ireland must present a negative molecular or antigenic test result issued within 48 hours prior entering Italy.Travelers wanting to visit the regions of Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia, Calabria must register on their websites before arrival and follow their travel regulations.Regional governments in Italy may also impose restrictions on travelers from certain foreign countries, and travelers intending to travel or return to Italy are advised to check whether any new provisions have been introduced by their region of destination.Quarantine requirementsTravelers arriving from EU countries (except Belgium, France, Netherlands, Czechia, Spain, the UK and Northern Ireland), Schengen Area, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City are allowed to enter the country without having to justify their reasons for travelling and without being required to self-isolate.Individuals already in Italy who has been in the UK in the 14 day before December 20, must report to their local health authorities and take a Covid-19 rapid antigenic or molecular swab test.Travelers arriving from Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay are subject to a 14-day self-isolation.Travelers from countries not listed above are only allowed to enter for specific reasons (such as work, health or study, or absolute urgency, returning to one's home, domicile, or dwelling) and not for tourism. Cons: "Had to pee right after turbulence no time for bathroom", Pros: "Nice comfortable plane and excellent crew" In the ticket was not the information. Then I could not print the boaring pass because of the time. Finally found one who bothered to look it up on her computer and low and behold, AF was the carrier! Fine. Explore. View daily departures, our cheapest prices and availability over the coming months, based on your party size. Flying from Rome back to Paris , the best deals are generally found on Thursday, with Monday being the most expensive. Delays and huge mess in front of police checkpoint. ", Pros: "The friendly staff at check in and at the boarding gate." Don't get my hopes up! The flight was an hour behind take off time because of late connections And then we had to wait for catering??? Cons: "Scents. The sandwich was gross and I'm somewhat known as a person who eats everything! Later take off. Cons: "The first announcement they made to all of us in the economy section was thay they did not have any headphones for anyone but business class.

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